General Forum /g4m/

► General Forum (g4m) is a news and discussion board for online news general topics.

g4m is a textboard - a simple internet forum that requires neither registration nor a screen name.

Random Board /2zr/

► The Random Board (2zr) is for random shares, posts & discussions.

2zr is an imageboard - an internet forum based on posting images alongside text and discussion., the general forum news discussion board


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► Basic markup features for g4m textboard are as follows:

  • Make <blockquote> sections by beginning each line with ">".
  • Make external links by just typing the URL you want to link to.
  • References to posts like >>1 are automatically turned into links.
  • Create italic text by bookending text with * or _ to make <em> tags. _Like this_ or *like this*.
  • Create bold text with ** or __ to make <strong> tags.

► Tripcodes are used as a proof of identity, while still remaining anonymous. If you enter your name as Name#tripcode, it will be shown as Name!3GqYIJ3Obs, the idea being that only you know the code word used to generate the tripcode.

► Secure Tripcodes are an alternate form of Tripcodes, which are secure against the brute force attack that can be used to crack normal Tripcodes. Secure Tripcodes are used by writing your name and tripcode as "Name##securetripcode" instead of "Name#normaltripcode". You can also use "Name#normal##secure". If you want to keep your tripcode secure, do not ever use the same word for a normal and a secure tripcode. Secure Tripcodes rely on a Secret String being configured for the script. Since the Secret String is not shared between different websites, Secure Tripcodes are not portable across different websites.



► In general, do not post anything illegal.

  • Posting content that is illegal by U.S. laws will be taken down immediately. Admin will purge the board regularly and with prejudice.
  • In keeping with normal textboard practice, g4m admin will ban IP addresses that spam the forum or upload illegal content.
  • It's okay to be anonymous - so exercise your free speech within these very general guidelines.

► Here's a primer on anonymous posting from these guys here.

Privacy Policy

g4m does not log any information on logged-out users. However, g4m logs the latest IP address for logged-in users, which is overwritten each time the IP address changes. Additionally, we log data on all media uploads which include internet protocol (IP) addresses. g4m does use 'cookies' that are used to store any visitors' preferences, such as information used to optimize the users' experience by customizing our web page content.